'Celebrity Big Brother' Fans Question If Sarah Harding Had Sex With Chad Johnson

Nothing sets the mood like Derek Acorah's snoring.

Viewers were left speculating whether Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson became the latest contestants to go all the way in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, following Wednesday’s (23 August) highlights show.

Over the past three weeks, Sarah and Chad have grown increasingly close, and in the most recent episodes, have expressed their excitement at getting some alone time this weekend, following this year’s live final.

However, some ‘CBB’ fans were given the impression they couldn’t hang on those extra couple of days, after some eyebrow-raising under-the-covers action.

Chad and Sarah in bed
Chad and Sarah in bed
Channel 5

Following yet another blazing row, the two kissed and made up, and as they disappeared under the covers, Chad commented that something was “too much”, repeating: “This is too much.”

Sarah then responded: “It’s not. I want it.”

This prompted some fans to speculate about exactly what was going on under the duvet, while the rest of their housemates slept:

A ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ spokesperson was unable to offer any further clarification when contacted by HuffPost UK.

To say Sarah and Chad’s relationship has been volatile during their stay in the ‘CBB’ house would be something of an understatement, with the two butting heads on a number of occasions in recent weeks.

They’ve always made up in the end, though, such as earlier this week, when they became involved in a heated row about alcohol consumption, ending with Chad professing his love for the former Girls Aloud singer in bed.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs every night on Channel 5.


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