08/08/2017 14:45 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother': Sarah Harding And Paul Danan Have It Out After Blazing Row

After a turbulent night, can they resolve their differences?

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates Paul Danan and Sarah Harding have had it out, after their blazing row in Monday’s (7 August) highlights show.

The argument broke out after Sarah saw Paul complaining that the former Girls Aloud is “always talking about the negatives”, prompting her to have an emotional outburst in the Diary Room.

Later, they came to blows in the bedroom when he accused the others of talking behind his back, to which Sarah said he was behaving like a “psycho”, branding him “snide” and a “hypocrite”.

Channel 5
Sarah Harding

The following morning, the two sat down to clear the air, with Paul explaining he hadn’t meant to upset her with his comments about her negativity.

In scenes to air on Tuesday (8 August), Sarah admits that hearing his remarks “felt like it defeated the whole point” of her being on ‘CBB’, to which Paul responds: “I was more vocalised [than other housemates talking about her], I shouldn’t have got more vocal about it.

“I was concerned for you… it wasn’t out of malice. It wasn’t out of me trying to fucking get you out of here. Believe me, that.”

Channel 5
Paul and Sarah talk it out

He then tries to assure her that she “wouldn’t be going anywhere” in the impending eviction, before they move on to the subject of their furious argument which had occurred the night before.

“But then you hit below the belt, man,” he tells her, “You hit me where it hurts and you got… a little bit nasty with me.”

When Sarah apologises, he admits: “I see myself in you, and I just got scared, it wasn’t just me… it was all of us… so anyway, I’m sorry.”

Channel 5
The two share a hug, have we heard the last of their row?

Following Sarah and Paul’s turbulent night, reports have claimed ‘CBB’ bosses are keeping a close eye on her, with producers and psychologists said to be “monitoring” her behaviour.

Meanwhile, an insider has claimed Paul is hoping he can use his ‘CBB’ appearance to relaunch himself as a soap actor, fancying himself as the next Danny Dyer or Lee Ryan.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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