Central Line Commuters Marched Through London Underground Tunnel After Rush Hour Breakdown

'Must evacuate train... but first let me take a selfie.'

Central Line commuters had a somewhat novel journey home in London on Tuesday night after a rush-hour fault resulted in them being walked out of the dark Tube tunnels.

About 1,000 passengers were reportedly left stranded for about half an hour due to a faulty rail track.

Around 6.30pm the eastbound passengers were cleared from their carriages and led down the tracks to Shepherd's Bush station by Transport for London staff.

Some expressed their frustration on social media, while others took the opportunity to pose for selfies.

Passenger Johnny Wells described the situation as "mad" to the told the Evening Standard, and said it was made worse by the "sweltering heat".

He said: “People were freaking out thinking it was a terrorist attack ... We eventually had to evacuate the train and walk down the track.”

A TfL spokesman said the breakdown was caused by a conductor rail becoming dislodged, causing the train to stall.