Channel 4 Is Strapping Cameras To Dogs To Snoop Around Celebrity Homes For The Bizarrest Lockdown TV Show Yet

File this story under 'things we wouldn't have believed if you'd told us two months ago'.

If you thought TV commissioners were running out of ideas for new shows while the country is in lockdown, think again.

Channel 4 has just announced details of a new series that is a whole new level of bizarre.

Snoop Dogs (great name) will take viewers inside the homes of the rich and famous for a Through The Keyhole-style game of ‘guess who?’ – but there’s one big difference.

With crew being unable to enter the houses owing to social distancing, the filming will be done by dogs.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Not actual footage from the show (we think)
Not actual footage from the show (we think)
damedeeso via Getty Images

Go-Pro cameras will be strapped to the homeowner’s pooches, with the “pup-arazzi” guiding us round their lavish homes.

Viewers will then be invited to guess who the famous homeowner is.

Speaking about the show, Sean Doyle, deputy head of features and formats at Channel 4, said: “I didn’t want lockdown to stifle creative conversations and Snoop Dogs is a perfect example of a reactive and outside of the box commission.

“We’ve come up with a wonderfully ridiculous spin on filming in lockdown that only Channel 4 could get away with.

“We hope families enjoy playing along whilst getting a healthy dose of doggy mischief and celebrities’ lush properties and home interiors.”

The four-part series will air on Channel 4 in the coming months.


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