The monarch refused to bend lockdown just for Prince Philip's funeral last year.
As the former No.10 adviser takes aim at the PM again, let's take a look at his own lockdown mistakes.
Seven-year-old Edith knew exactly who she wanted to see her famous mum play during lockdown.
Trevor Phillips struggled to stop his voice from cracking as he relived the tragedy which took place days after one of the alleged No.10 parties.
Van-Tam was praised for showing "the backbone that we have desperately needed to see" after his iconic response to a political question.
“He’s said people around him and in his inner circle who broke the rules must go  – and yet he seems to believe those rules don’t apply to himself."
The government has a lot to answer for over these new claims.
Boris Johnson "owes the British people the truth," according to the shadow cabinet minister.
Out of 137 health trusts in England, 24 have now reported "critical incidents".
The UK is nervously waiting to see if Downing Street will introduce a fourth lockdown in coming weeks.
Downing Street is yet to confirm what kind of measures it might introduce after December 25.
Downing Street will look to London to predict what Omicron might do next.
No immediate restrictions will be introduced but the prime minister said he would "reserve the possibility" of tighter measures soon.
Cabinet Secretary steps back from leading probe after gatherings said to have been held in Simon Case’s own department.
A photograph emerged of a Christmas party thrown by Tory aides during coronavirus restrictions last Christmas.
First coronavirus brought lockdowns, then vaccinations. The Delta and Omicron variants followed. Will our lives ever be the same again?
It's unclear if a fourth lockdown lies ahead after the first UK death related to Omicron has been reported.
Rising infection rates across the continent have left people worrying about Britain's case numbers just before Christmas.
Delays in fertility tests, treatment and counselling have had a heartbreaking impact.