Charlie Brooker's '2017 Wipe' Cancelled After Creator Falls Behind On Writing It

There's good news though, as 'Cunk On Britain' is still on the way.

Fans of Charlie Brooker’s annual TV ‘Wipe’ will be sad to hear he has cancelled the 2017 edition, after falling way behind on writing it.

Writing on Twitter, the satirist admitted he’s committed to too many projects and had to pull out of making the hit BBC Two show as a result.

Charlie Brooker's '2017 Wipe' will no longer air
Charlie Brooker's '2017 Wipe' will no longer air

It is a blow for the BBC, who had already included a synopsis of the show in their previews of their Christmas schedule, which were released to journalists under embargo on Monday (27 November).

Before the listings were made public, Charlie announced ‘Wipe’ would no longer feature in the line-up.

“Got some good news and bad news. Bad news is no 2017 Wipe,” he said.

“Was set to do it but ran out of road. Am way behind on scripts / dev elsewhere and contrary to my optimistic delusions it turns out I can’t do 400 things at once.”

However, there was a silver lining, as Charlie revealed ‘Cunk On Britain’ is due to hit screens soon.

“The good news (or bad news depending on POV) is we’ve just delivered CUNK ON BRITAIN (a 5-part history of our glorious nation starring Philomena) to the BBC, and that will be on *soon*,” he said.

“More good news to follow soon. That’s it! Now enjoy Christmas / life / Royal Wedding mania.

″(Just to add, Cunk on Britain covers the WHOLE of British history from the Big Bang to Brexit. In five half-hourly chunks.)”

Charlie’s annual ‘Wipe’ first aired at Christmas 2010 as an offshoot of his other series ‘Screenwipe’ and ‘Newswipe’, and the end-of-year specials had continued every year since then.


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