Charlie Stayt Leaves Minister Squirming As He Asks For His Credentials

"Well I've been a member of parliament for the last seven years," Chris Philp replied
Chris Philp clashed with BBC Breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt
Chris Philp clashed with BBC Breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt

The police minister was left squirming after being asked on live TV what his credentials were for the job.

Chris Philp was appointed minister of state in the Home Office by Rishi Sunak in last week’s reshuffle.

He had previously been chief secretary to the Treasury and before that a minister in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Appearing on BBC Breakfast this morning, Philp - who only became an MP in 2015 - was asked by presenter Charlie Stayt why he was in his latest post.

Stayt said: “Obviously, Trust is very important in government as you well know and it’s our first time speaking to you in that role.

“What are your credentials for being policing minister?”

Philp appeared flummoxed by the question and replied: “Well I’ve been a member of parliament for the last seven years. I’ve always worked closely with our local police and as a constituency MP take a great interest in making sure our community is kept safe.

“But as you know, members of parliament and ministers are generalists and they’re appointed to different roles, some of which tie in with their previous areas of interest and expertise.”

Philp endured a torrid time as the minister put up by the government to tour the TV and radio studios for interview.

Appearing on Times Radio, the minister said migrants have “a bit of a cheek” complaining about the conditions they are being kept in at the Manston processing centre in Kent.

Meanwhile, LBC radio host Nick Ferrari was forced to cut short his interview with Philp after he repeatedly refused to apologise for his role in the disastrous mini-budget.

And appearing on Question Time last night, the minister was lambasted by a member of the audience who attacked the Conservatives’ record.

“There is no talent in this government at all,” the woman said.

Presenter Fiona Bruce interrupted her flow by asking whether she included Philp in her critique.

“Yeah, I’m talking to Chris as well,” she replied as Philp muttered “ouch”.


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