Charlotte Church Criticised For Voting For Plaid Cymru Despite Support For Jeremy Corbyn

'Plaid Cymru all the way for me today!!'

Charlotte Church has been accused of hypocrisy by announcing she would be voting for Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru, despite her outspoken support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The singer-turned-activist has previously blogged about her support for Corbyn, as well as performing at a fundraiser supporting him where she exhorted fans to “get these fucking Tories out”.

Writing on her blog, she described him as “a cool-headed, honest, considerate man”, with “something inherently virtuous about him”.

But on Thursday she tweeted:

The Sun was quick to claim Church had "abandoned" Corbyn, labelling her decision to vote for Plaid as a "brutal blow" for Labour.

Her announcement also irked many online, who felt that it was inconsistent of her.

Many were quick to criticise her decision…

But Church was quick to defend her decision, pointing out that there is a difference between UK politics and Welsh politics…

There has been some tension between Corbyn and Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones, who had to deny he had "banned" the Labour leader from the campaign trail in Wales.

A number of people tweeted their support for the star…

Corbyn cancelled a visit to Wales at the request of Jones in April.

According to WalesOnline, Jones asked for the visit to be cancelled over the recent anti-Semitism scandal which has rocked the Labour party.


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