10 Animals To Look At While We Wait For The US Election Result

These cheery animals will put a smile on your face.

There’s a lot of waiting, plenty of tension and equal amounts of uncertainty right now. But don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect antidote: animals.

They are joyous, they are innocent, and they provide us with their company, love and adoration free of charge. In times of need, we turn to our non-human companions to see us through.

Here are some nice animal tweets, because everything’s a bit rubbish right now.

The happiest hug (we all need it right now).

Who knew the abyss was such a cutie?

This whole thread on doggy dating pics is sublime.

Definitive proof cats are actually gods.

Teeny dog’s first pub outing goes down a storm.

What happens when two dogs go trick or treating?

Introducing the most cordial colleague.

This award-winning photo of a tiger hugging a tree is all kinds of peaceful.

This moggy knows how to rhyme.

And who could forget, the Paddington pom?