Cheese Advent Calendar: Blogger Shares DIY Instructions To Make Your Christmas A Gouda One

'Praise Cheesus' 🧀

There are many wonderful advent calendars in the world containing things like chocolate, gin and lipstick.

But now, a blogger has gone one better by creating the first ever cheese advent calendar.

As can be expected, behind each yellow window pane is a delightful chunk of cheese, including vintage Gouda, St. Helen’s Farm goats’ cheese, Blue Stilton and German smoked cheese (to name but a few).


Annem Hobson, the brains behind blog So Wrong It’s Nom!, first came up with the idea after she Googled ‘cheese advent calendars’ and was met with nothing but forums about why they didn’t exist.

“You think this would be something that retailers had sold many times before. Something the likes of Babybel or Laughing Cow had jumped on for a Christmassy marketing gimmick – but no,” she explained.

“I searched high and low to no avail. Upon Googling it, I did however come across lots of people asking the same question I had. Why?”

Last year, Hobson decided to create her own cheese advent calendar - and she even went as far as teaching others how to do so (here’s the tutorial).

But this year, she’s upped the cheese game by announcing that, come 2017, she’ll be selling these delightful advent calendars for all to devour.

Needless to say, we’ll be first in line.