Could It Brie? A Cheese And Wine Festival Is Coming To The UK

Fill your boots 🍷🧀

In what is quite possibly the best news of 2017 (so far), a cheese and wine festival is coming to the UK so you can scoff the good stuff to your heart’s content - and it’s free to attend.

The Cheese and Wine Festival will take place in Stratford, London from 1-2 April and will showcase the very best in artisan cheese and wine from over 25 independent retailers.

There’ll also be street food on offer including cheese Arancini, cheesy burgers and raclette (a semi-hard cheese fashioned into a wheel of about 6kg and is used for melting).

Julia Khusainova via Getty Images

The festival will take place in Stratford’s East Village on the first weekend of April.

The one-off event will feature a range of delicious cheese from around the world, as well as indulgent cheese boards, condiments, chutneys, wine and cider - all of which will be on sale.

So far, so delicious.

Sip delicious sparkling wine from Grays and Feather or try out ethically-made, handcrafted wine from DVine Wines. For those who don’t do wine, state-of-the-art craft beer brewers Meantime Brewery will be on hand to provide beer and cider.

There’ll also be dessert in the form of delicious chocolates from chocolatiers Zara’s Chocolates and Paul Wayne Gregory, as well as a selection of workshops and talks where visitors will find the perfect cheese and wine pairing.

See you there.

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