13/01/2017 13:37 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 15:15 GMT

9 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines That Are Guaranteed To Get You A Tinder Date

Your love life will thank us.

Let’s face it, the idea of being Hollywood-level-smooth sounds charming, but we are British and we all know that a funny, cheesy line is the best way to break the ice in the awkward waters of romance.

Yes it might make you cringe but what is dating without a few moments of toe curling self-hatred followed by a drink at the pub? 

Here are 9 cheesy pick-up-lines that we are (pretty) sure will secure the object of your affections. And if not, at least you made yourself laugh. 

1. The mildly embarrassing one. 

2. The totally recoverable one. 

3. The internally cringing one. 

4. The toe curling one. 

5. The please-don’t-bring-your-mum-into-this one. 

6. The nope, that is creepy one. 

7. The do-you-actually-ever-want-to-have-sex-again one.

8. The single forever one.

9. The burn-your-phone-to-remove-all-trace one.