Shiny Side Up Or Down? Chef Tom Kerridge Says We've All Been Using Tin Foil Wrong

Well that's embarrassing.

Think you know your way around a roll of tin foil? Well you might want to put your confidence on ice after Michelin-starred chef, Tom Kerridge, explained most of us have probably been using it incorrectly at home.

During the second episode of Kerridge’s new BBC Two show, ‘Fresh Start’ – where he helps eight families changing the way they eat – he casually mentioned that of course we should all be using it shiny side down.

Yes, that’s right, shiny side facing down on the tray rather than up towards you.

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Kerridge says in the programme: “Now, there’s two sides to tin foil, there’s a shiny side, and the not-so-shiny side. Always remember, dull side up.”

The reason for this is because the shiny side is reflective so it is going to reflect back as much heat as possible – not ideal if you’re trying to heat something up.

Despite physics being on Kerridge’s side, people have still taken to Twitter to vent their confusion (and generally feel stupid for having used tin foil incorrectly for decades of their life).

There were some people who already knew how to use their tin foil – putting the rest of us to shame.

But others were insistent that it makes no difference either way.

This might be why Kerridge has a Michelin star after his name and we don’t...

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