Chelsea Handler Breaks Down Over Donald Trump News During Netflix Talk Show Taping

'I really want to f***ing move to Spain.'

Chelsea Handler broke down in tears during a taping of her Netflix talk show, following the result of the US presidential election.

The always-outspoken TV personality has been a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s ever since her talk show, ‘Chelsea’, began streaming on Netflix earlier this year.

However, following the news that Donald Trump would succeed Barack Obama as the next President Of The United States, despite the fact Hillary had won the popular vote, Chelsea shed tears while discussing the future of American politics.

<strong>Chelsea during a past monologue about Trump</strong>
Chelsea during a past monologue about Trump

While interviewing Senator Barbara Boxer on Wednesday (10 November), Chelsea was seen breaking down in the middle of the chat, telling the audience (via The Mirror): “Oh God, I really hate fucking crying.”

Chelsea also revealed her hope to move to Europe, having previously vowed to leave the US if Trump was elected, joking to viewers that she’d move to Spain if she weren’t “under contract” with Netflix.

The interview will begin streaming on Netflix on Friday (11 November).

In past episodes of ‘Chelsea’, the talk show host was seen inviting children to bash open a Trump-inspired piñata during a trip to Mexico, as well as interviewing past candidates from the American version of ‘The Apprentice’ to share their experiences of working with him.

<strong>Chelsea and her Trump piñata</strong>
Chelsea and her Trump piñata

Chelsea was among the celebrities to commiserate when Trump was announced as the new US president, with stars like Katy Perry, Madonna and Lily Allen all voicing their disdain and frustration on social media.

Addressing current US president and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama - both of whom have thrown their support behind Hillary throughout her campaign - in a tweet which read: My condolences to the President and First Lady. We will keep aiming high. We may not have you honoured you this time, but we will honour you.”

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