19/11/2018 09:13 GMT

Cheryl's Hand-Licking Leaves 'X Factor' Viewers With A Lot Of Confused Feelings


Cheryl has got everyone talking after staging a comeback to ‘The X Factor’ on Sunday night, although perhaps not for the reasons she might have been expecting. 

One particular part of her performance of new single ‘Love Made Me Do It’ left many fans creeped out - specifically, the hand-licking. 

It was Cheryl’s first live performance in four years, and it came complete with live vocals and a dance break, but during the opening moments of her routine, she was seen seductively licking the side of her hand. 

While we can see what she was trying to do (it accompanied the lyric “the ink on my skin is all the places I’ve been”), people had a lot of thoughts about it - mainly just how plain odd it was...

But as with any of Cheryl’s live performances, people had a lot to say about her vocals too. 

While she is often accused of lip-syncing, the former ‘X Factor’ judge decided to showcase her pipes as she returned to the show, but that also drew criticism from some viewers. 

A case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t, if you ask us. However, there were plenty of other people willing to defend her...

One thing nobody could seem to fault, though, was her choreography, which was on-point, particularly during one of her now-trademark dance breaks. 

‘Love Made Me Do It’ is Cheryl’s first single since 2015’s ‘Only Human’ and entered the charts last week at number 19. 

During her time out of the spotlight, she has welcomed a son, Bear, with former partner Liam Payne

She recently told the Guardian that since becoming a mother, her perspective on work has changed, and she would “move on” if her new music flopped.

“If [the single] goes in at 80, it’s time for me to move on with my life,” she said. “I’m not going to jump around working hard and spending time away from my son for that. Is the juice worth the squeeze?”

She added: “Is it bad if I say that if I get another No 1 that’s great, and if I don’t that’s fine?”

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