5 Reasons Pippa Middleton May Want To Reconsider Involving George And Charlotte In Her Wedding

They may just steal the show!

They say you should never work with children or animals, but it seems Pippa Middleton has overlooked that, as she has chosen her niece and nephew Prince George and Princess Charlotte to play starring roles in her upcoming wedding.

The only potential saving grace is that their royal upbringing may save the whole affair from being upstaged when one (or both) of them make a loud toilet request or launch a bouquet down the aisle.

But if not, it will certainly be a moment to remember, as demonstrated by these five times when the smallest guests stole the spotlight from the bride and groom:

1. This boy who dive-bombed the bride.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a bridezilla, the one moment of your big day when you want all eyes to be on you is as you walk down the aisle towards your groom.

But one pageboy decided that he wasn’t cool with that arrangement, and decided to launch himself onto the train of the wedding dress and hitch a ride through the church.

2. This toddler who really needed a poo.

You might think that once you’ve made it to the altar, you can breathe a sigh of relief. But one child had other ideas, as he mastered the art of perfect timing and decided to approach the bride and groom during their vows to request that someone accompany him to the toilet, by shouting: “I need to poo!”

3. This child who doesn’t understand how dancing works.

Admittedly the first dance can sometimes be a little awkward and we’d all rather excuse ourselves to the buffet table for a salmon vol-au-vent than watch another second of awkward shuffling. But one wedding guest decided to have his own solo party away from everyone else. He is actually our hero.

4. This guest who ruined all the photographs.

There’s nothing like having a whole album of memories to look back on from your big day. And just to steal the moment, one young guest decided that instead of posing and smiling as requested, he would simulate throttling himself. Well at least they’re going to make you laugh?

5. These brothers who caused quite a scene.

And if one troublemaker isn’t enough at a wedding and you want to double the odds of chaos, why not invite two siblings to fight it out in front of an audience

This older brother might look like he’s going in for the save, but instead decides it is too much effort and flings his brother across the concrete. Love’s young dream.