Chloe Madeley Hits Back At Body Shamer Who Called Her Six-Pack 'Unfeminine'

'What's disgusting is your ego.'

Chloe Madeley has hit back at a body shamer who branded her six-pack "disgusting" and unfeminine.

The daughter of TV's Richard and Judy was angered by one of the comments on a recent Instagram post, which saw her showing off her toned physique in two shots - one airbrushed, and the other untouched.

One of her female followers had written: "Disgusting... there's nothing feminine about that!!!"

Chloe then issued a lengthy response, writing: “What's disgusting is not my body, or any human body for that matter - fat, thin, muscley, curvy, size 6-16, none of the above are disgusting.

"What's disgusting is your brain, that has been brainwashed into thinking anything other than 'feminine' is disgusting.

“What's disgusting is your mouth / hands for saying it / typing it out loud to women. What's disgusting is your ego, for presuming that you know what 'feminine' is. What women should and shouldn't look like."

She continued: "Imagine if I came to your page and started calling you disgusting. I would never do that. Because as 'disgusting' as you might think I look on the outside, my character is warm and compassionate and supportive of all, especially women. The same cannot be said for you, I'm afraid.

"Conclusion? I win. You lose. Now get the fuck off my page with your negative bullshit opinion that nobody gives a flying fuck about. Bye bye. Off you fuck."

Sharing an image of the troll's comment and her response, Chloe, who is a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer, captioned it: "And here I was thinking in 2016 women were all about supporting varied appearances, goals, careers, passions and choices. Silly me.

'Let me guess, freedom of speech? Just a different opinion? I wonder if racists and homophobes hide their hate behind the same excuses? Probably. #SuckyTrollBitches."

Chloe with parents Richard Madeley and Judy FInnigan
Chloe with parents Richard Madeley and Judy FInnigan
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

Chloe, who is dating England rugby star James Haskell, recently posed naked for Women's Health magazine, and revealed that mum Judy Finnigan wasn't a fan of the raunchy pictures.

However, Chloe admitted that her dad, Richard Madeley, was rather more accepting of seeing his daughter strip off.

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