11/05/2017 08:52 BST

Chris Evans’ CBeebies Bedtime Story Here So Treat Yourself To A Few Minutes Of Relaxation

Not all heroes wear capes... but this one does.

Ever feel your week is missing something? And that something is Chris Evans (the Hollywood one) reading a bedtime story? Well, dear readers, CBeebies is here to answer our prayers.

Yes, Captain America himself is the latest A-lister to feature in the segment, reading the aptly-titled ‘Even Superheroes Have Bad Day’.

Have a sneak peek at a preview below, before checking out the whole clip on iPlayer:

There are many things to applaud here, obviously, but let’s take a minute to appreciate the many people without kids who, like us, shamelessly tuned in:

Also, we think this person is onto something: 

C’mon Chris Pratt, do it for the parents children.

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