Chelsea Clinton Gives Chrissy Teigen Powerful Mom Advice About Online Trolls

"Chrissy, sending you and beautiful Luna a huge hug".

Right-wing conspiracy theorists pulled Chrissy Teigen’s 1-year-old daughter into a demented conspiracy theory on Twitter Saturday, and as Teigen tried to make sense of the mess, Chelsea Clinton offered her sage mom advice.

Teigen said on Twitter that she felt disturbed after Liz Conkin, a conservative writer who believes in the discredited Pizzagate sex ring theory, tweeted photos of Luna, suggesting she was part of the conspiracy.

Teigen interpreted the tweet as Crokin saying that she and her husband John Legend were “darksided pizzagate pedophiles who traffic our daughter.”

Confused and shocked by the responses to Crokin’s first tweet, Teigen decided to briefly change topics on her own Twitter account.

“Anyhow, I really am not enjoying that shit as the last thing on my timeline soooooooooo hello, normal people. Love you,” the model tweeted.

That’s when Clinton, a mother of two, chimed in.

As a high profile figure herself, Clinton said she could ignore the atrocious words hurled at her on Twitter, but she couldn’t do the same for her 3-year-old daughter, Charlotte.

Whenever Clinton receives threats on Twitter about Charlotte, she said she reports them to Twitter. According to the microblogging platform’s official policies, users can report other users who engage in abusive behavior. This can result in a tweet being taken down or a user being permanently suspended from the platform.

“I’ve lost count of the Twitter accounts who’ve threatened Charlotte with #FGM,” Clinton tweeted, apparently making a reference to female genital mutilation. “While I never bother to report threats against me, I now report every one against her.”

Teigen admitted to Clinton that she felt “silly” worrying about Crokin’s tweet when Clinton and her family likely face much more online harassment.

Some of Teigen’s fans found her and Clinton’s Twitter thread to be utterly heartwarming, ugly conspiracy theories aside.

Now this is the kind of motherly support the world needs.


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