Martyn Hett Used Twitter To Save His Mum's Christmas Craft Stall


Meet Martyn Hett, 2016’s son of the year.

Martyn was left heartbroken on Saturday, after his mum text him from a Christmas craft fair because she hadn’t sold any of her products.

After an entire day Figen (his mum) sold just two items at the fair and was so disheartened that she was considering giving up knitting altogether.

But Martyn was determined to protect his mum’s livelihood and took to Twitter to rally support for his mum’s business.

After tweeting a link to her profile on Depop, a social shopping app, he secured her first buyer. Within an hour she had sold nine products.

His mum was over the moon with her sales, especially after she learned that her son had helped her on Twitter.

Speaking the Metro, Martyn said: “She sews and knits for therapeutic reasons. She’s a counsellor and she believes that being creative is good for the soul – it’s advice she often gives her clients.
”She seemed a bit deflated/surprised there was so little interest, especially as it was handmade and she’d put a lot of work into it.’

Figen has now sold most of her products on Depop.

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