Christmas Games To Play When You're Bored, That Won't Cost You A Penny

Charades for the win.

If you don’t play a family game of Monopoly and have it end with a blazing row when someone accuses grandma of cheating, is it really even Christmas?

Although board games are a staple of the festive period, we all have our limits.

So in case you’re at a loose end and have three generations of guests relying on you to entertain them, may we suggest one of these free games instead?

1. Poop The Potato

Poop the potato is going viral. The latest party game to join the scene in 2016, it is a perfectly crappy game to end a shitstorm of a year.

You divide into two teams, stick a potato between your legs, and race. One at a time, you waddle across the room with the potato in your crevice, and drop it into a bucket (or a cup if you’ve had a few less drinks).

2. Charades

The game that lets everyone see for themselves why you failed drama GCSE, and always ends when grandpa picks an obscure war film and then dwells on irrelevant plot details for half an hour. How many syllables is it again?

3. I Spy

Ah, that old chestnut. Not only made for the family road trip. I Spy is the perfect way to work out who in your family is the biggest pedant.

4. Cardboard Box Game

Let’s face it, most games you’ll be playing at Christmas will be played under the influence of alcohol. And the cardboard box game is the perfect contender for drunk hysteria.

The game requires a similar skill set to limbo. You have to pick up a box (empty cereal box) from the floor with your mouth (no hands allowed) as it is gradually cut down into a smaller and smaller size. You might want to warm up before trying this...

5. Truth Or Dare

Most families have skeletons in their closet, and if you fancy finding out what really happened in Ayia Napa in 2004, then ask away.

Although, be warned, you’ll never be able to look at your aunt Mabel in the same away again.