18/12/2019 06:00 GMT

Best Films On TV This Christmas – Here's Our Pick Of What The BBC, ITV And Channel 4 & 5 Have To Offer

Including Beauty And The Beast, Moana and Ant-Man.

As well as the much anticipated return of Gavin & Stacey and the climax of EastEnders’ Sheanu storyline, there’s also a swathe of films heading to the a small screen near you this Christmas. 

But if you’ve already exhausted the best that Netflix has to offer and you don’t fancy trawling through the TV guide to see what the main five channels have to offer, never fear – we’ve picked out 30 of our favourites (and what they’re the perfect occasion for)....

Behind The Candelabra 


When? Saturday 21 December, 11.35pm, BBC Two

Perfect for? When you want to watch something camp that doesn’t involve Christmas. 

Office Christmas Party


When? Sunday 22 December, 10pm, Channel 4

Perfect for? When you’re still lamenting your behaviour at your own Christmas party and want to feel better about yourself. 

White Christmas


When? Monday 23 December, 1.35pm, Channel 4

Perfect for? Getting in the spirit as you wrap those final presents. 

Kung Fu Panda


When? Monday 23 December, 10.30am, BBC One

Perfect for? Putting the kids in front of when they’re already driving you mad on the first day of the school holidays. 

Beauty And The Beast


When? Christmas Eve, 5.30pm, BBC One

Perfect for? When you need to entertain the whole family after they’ve all arrived on Christmas Eve.  

Home Alone


When? Christmas Eve, 5.30pm, Channel 4

Perfect for? When is Home Alone never not perfect for?



When? Christmas Eve, 5.15pm, ITV

Perfect for? Having some laughs before you head down the pub with your mates for a few pre-Christmas bevvies. 



When? Christmas Day, 12.55pm, BBC One

Perfect for? Singing along to. How Far I’ll Go is an absolute tune. 

Back To The Future


When? Christmas Day, 2.35pm, Channel 4

Perfect for? Some fuzzy 80s nostalgia. 

Finding Dory


When? Christmas Day, 3.10pm, BBC One

Perfect for? Fans of the original film, as this is arguable one of those rare cases where the sequel is better. 

Four Christmases


When? Christmas Day, 11.40pm, ITV

Perfect for? When you’ve eaten your own body weight on Christmas Day and wonder what it would be like to do that four times over. 

The Jungle Book 


When? Boxing Day, 3.45pm, BBC One

Perfect for? Reminding yourself that Disney can sometimes do live action remakes well. 

Paddington 2


When? Boxing Day, 7.20pm, BBC One

Perfect for? Fans of bears and Hugh Grant. 



When? Boxing Day, 5pm, Channel 4

Perfect for? Putting on when you come back from the Boxing Day sales. 

Wreck-It Ralph


When? Boxing Day, 10am, BBC One

Perfect for? Disney fans who like their cartoons full of jokes. 

The Wolf Of Wall Street


When? Boxing Day, 11.05pm, Channel 4

Perfect for? When you’ve had your fill of joyful and gleeful Christmas films and need to watch something with an edge to it. 



When? Friday 27 December, 11pm, BBC One

Perfect for? Superhero fans that were not catered for on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.



When? Friday 27 December, 3.15pm, BBC One

Perfect for? Those who like their animated films with an important social message. 

Inside Out


When? Saturday 28 December, 3pm, BBC One

Perfect for? Feeling all the feels. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2


When? Saturday 28 December, 8.30pm, ITV

Perfect for? Those who are prepared to sit still for two-and-a-half hours. It is worth it, though. 

Saving Mr Banks


When? Sunday 29 December, 3pm, ITV

Perfect for? Mary Poppins fans who ever wondered about the curmudgeonly woman behind the cherished nanny. 

Power Rangers


When? Sunday 29 December, 4.05pm, Channel 5

Perfect for? Those who were curious to see why the reviews were so bad but weren’t prepared to pay for a cinema ticket to find out. 

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa


When? Sunday 29 December, 11.40pm, BBC Two

Perfect for? Alan Partridge fans. 

Some Like It Hot


When? Monday 30 December, 3pm, BBC Two

Perfect for? A trip back to Hollywood’s golden days. 

The Holiday


When? Monday 30 December, 10.15pm, ITV

Perfect for? When Christmas is over but you’re not willing to let it go just yet. 

New Year’s Eve


When? New Year’s Eve, 9pm, Channel 5

Perfect for? If you like those cheesy Lifetime TV movies, then you’ll probably like this as it comes with added Zac Efron. 

The Queen


When? New Year’s Eve, 12.45pm, ITV

Perfect for? Those who’ve already devoured all of series three of The Crown. 

Mission: Impossible – Fallout


When? New Year’s Day, 9pm, Channel 4

Perfect for? Those who like stunts, explosions and Tom Cruise. 

The Lion King


When? New Year’s Day, 6pm, Channel 4

Perfect for? Reliving your youth and realising you still know every word to Circle Of Life. 

The Sound Of Music


When? New Year’s Day, 2.30pm, BBC One

Perfect for? When you’re in denial that the celebrations are almost over for another year and it’s back to work tomorrow.