'Britain's Most Festive Pub', The Churchill Arms, Is Covered In 57 Christmas Trees

And more than 1,500 lights.

Most of us are content with one Christmas tree, but not the team at The Churchill Arms in Kensington.

The London boozer, which has long been dubbed “Britain’s most festive pub”, is currently covered in a whopping 57 Christmas trees.

The trees are decorated with more than 1,500 twinkling lights, along with the odd star and sleigh.

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The pub, which is a stone’s throw from Notting Hilll Gate, is famed for having elaborate exterior decorations all year round.

When it’s not Christmas, the boozer is covered in a selection of hanging baskets, covering the brickwork in colourful flowers.

Perviously speaking to the Daily Mail, manger Gerry O’Brien said the pub spends around £30,000 on decorations throughout the year, with £25,000 spent on flowers alone.

“I don’t think anyone passes this pub without stopping to take photographs whether it’s spring, summer or autumn - we have terrific display. Christmas is such a special time,” he said.

“It brings in a huge amount of business. People hear about it, ring us up and want to know: ‘Are they up? When will they be lit?’. We’ve got people coming from God-knows-where to have a look at them.”

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