Artist Claudia Sahuquillo Hopes To Normalise Nudity, One Brush Stroke At A Time


Artist Claudia Sahuquillo uses naked bodies as canvases to paint beautiful works of art and, in doing so, hopes to normalise nudity.

Sahuquillo paints patterns including eyes, feathers and flowers on people’s bodies in bright bursts of colour.

Much of her work focuses on painting across women’s bare breasts, which enables her to share her work on social media without it being removed.

The body painter, from Barcelona, shares most of her work on Instagram using the hashtag #skinisthenewcanvas. The unique subject has gained her more than 50,000 followers.

Sahuquillo’s work aims to normalise nudity by celebrating the beauty of the human body and its form - showing it is “normal, free and not vulgar”.

According to blogger Sara Daniele, who attended one of Sahuquillo’s live body painting shows in Naples, the focus of the artist’s work “is not on the bodies of models, but in the search for ‘normal’ people with different aesthetics to each other and without fear of any defects”.