People Are Just Realising Who Claudia Winkleman's Mum Is, And She's Pretty Famous

Her sister has royal connections, too.
Antony Jones/BAFTA via Getty Images

We’ve written before about how everyone from Tom Holland to Benedict Cumberbatch has surprisingly well-known parents.

But a lot of people, it seems, never knew that Claudia Winkleman (of Strictly Come Dancing, Traitors, and iconic-fringe-and-tan fame) has a pretty well-known mum, too.

In a recent post shared on X, comedian @imshanereaction posted a video of the star in a 1996 interview. He captioned it with “I can’t stop watching this 1996 interview with Claudia Winkleman that is 0% fringe and 100% posh phone voice.”

In response, X user @marcusjdl replied, “This is her actual voice. She’s posh and is the daughter of the first woman to edit the Sunday Mirror & Express, Eve Pollard. Her half sister is married to a royal. Amazing rebrand.”

Who’s Claudia’s family?

Her mother, Eve Pollard (OBE), does indeed have an impressive history as a pioneering editor. She “is often referred to as The First Lady of Fleet Street,” her bio reads on her website.

“She was one of the first female editors of a national newspaper in the UK, editing the Sunday Mirror from 1987-1991 and the Sunday Express from 1991-1994,” the site continues ― she was also the ITV correspondent for Will and Kate’s Wedding.

Her half-sister, meanwhile, is Sophie Winkleman, of Big Suze in Peep Show and Wonka fame (WHAT!).

Her full title is now Lady Frederick Windsor ― she married Lord Frederick Michael George David Louis Windsor in 2009, making her the daughter-in-law of Prince and Princess of Michael of Kent.

Her husband is 53rd in line for succession to the throne.

What a time, eh?


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