People Are Just Realising Who Tom Holland's Dad Is, And He's Pretty Famous

Well, well, well...
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Tom Holland, the A-list actor of Spider-Man and that Umbrella lip-sync fame, has a much better-known father than most of us probably realise.

His dad, Dominic Holland, is a comedy legend, broadcaster, and author ― having worked alongside national treasures like Rob Brydon and Harry Hill.

Dominic is also the creator of the recent Amazon comedy special Dominic Holland: The Glory Year.

“Just your regular, down-to-earth Hollywood Dad, Dom’s son Tom as the latest Spiderman is (annoyingly) doing all the high flying for him,” the show’s synopsis says, suggesting he’s very, very aware of his son’s eclipsing fame.

That’s a bit mean

Well, he did write a book called Eclipsed which talked about how his son’s success ended up engulfing his own.

“How does a kid called Tom Holland, who never had a speaking part in a school play find himself playing Marvel’s Peter Parker?” the bio of the book starts.

“A series of happy coincidences and serendipitous events is the answer. A fluke, then? Yes, but not exactly, given that huge amounts of commitment and hard work have been required.”

“Written by a dad who as a professional comedian took his own shot at show-biz stardom and called Eclipsed because his carefully honed plans didn’t work out so well,” we’re told.

“I’m sorry I’m not Tom,” the comedian jokily greeted a Telegraph writer before an interview, later saying: “There’s no regret – I don’t spend my time wishing I was famous because that would be an ugly place. But I’m inordinately proud of what Tom has achieved.”

With Dominic currently on tour, a quick glimpse at social media indicates that more and more people are starting to pick up on the Avengers star’s famous family member.

People had *thoughts* about the revelation

“Why have I only just learned who Tom Holland’s dad is? I would not have guessed that,” one X user said.

Another said “did y’all know tom holland was a nepo baby??” but more people suggested Tom’s fame was largely of his own making.

“If anything he’s nepoing everyone else in his family,” an X user joked, with others suggesting that his dad’s impressive achievements are still not equivalent to insider Hollywood fame.

”[Y]’all have lost the plot putting him up there next to zöe [Kravitz, famous daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet] and John David [Washington, celebrity son of Denzel and Pauletta Washington]” yet another X user said.


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