Tom Holland

The Spider-Man co-stars are still going strong after they were spotted kissing earlier this summer.
The Spider-Man star had previously been in the running to play Finn in The Force Awakens.
After leaving fans swooning over his chiseled bod, the actor called on pals Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to follow suit.
"The world isn’t as simple as a straight white guy," the Spider-Man: Far From Home actor said.
The new and improved Spidey (Tom Holland) is a welcome change to the masked crime fighter.
Watch Tom’s full ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Performance in the video below... While ‘Lip Sync Battle’ may have received a luke-warm
I have the privilege and responsibility to play Spider-Man on screen, something I figure all young boys dream about but without realising that they can do something heroic and life changing without swinging across the Manhattan skyline... For whatever reason, men have not engaged with stem cell donation in the same numbers as women. This needs to change and that's why Anthony Nolan is running a campaign to understand the reasons for this shortfall and plug this lifesaving hole.
The new trailer for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ has landed, but the spotlight has rather been taken away from the comic
Tom Holland might not be a household name yet, but that is all about to change thanks to the Brit actor landing himself the
Tom Holland has been announced as the new ‘Spider-Man’. Who Is Tom Holland? 9 Facts In 90 Seconds On The Soon-To-Be-Huge
If we are really concerned about the likes of Anjem Choudary poisoning minds to take up violence to overthrow democracy, banning him from our television screens is the wrong way... We make much of the liberty to think and voice our opinions. The line that most free speech advocates draw is an incitement to kill. For which laws currently exist, along with counter terrorism legislation. The home secretary risks making Choudary a victim for Islamists to rally for with the new proposals. Young people, with radical religious notions of changing the world, will have an officially state stamped underground movement. How nice of us to signal that for them.
There were suggestions that as many as 25,000 manuscripts at the Ahmed Baba Institute in Timbuktu had been burned, and even that the building itself had been torched. When the dust cleared the damage, though serious, turned out not to be as dire as feared.
Whatever you may think of a film which insults the Prophet Mohammad, or Tom Holland's conjectures, they are to be countered by rational debate, not bigoted threats or actual violence.
A fundamental teaching in Islamic scripture is, "God says: My Mercy overcomes My Anger." Ultimately, our mercy, love and forgiveness must overcome our anger, hatred and bitterness. We must surely look forward to, and work towards, the day when the image of Islam is represented by merciful young men and women rather than angry young men.
Thousands of viewers have complained to Channel 4 about a documentary on Islam, which suggested Mecca might not have been
Muhammed, Simon Holland concludes, probably never came from Mecca, but from Transjordania; the Qur'an and its teachings are largely borrowed from local religious traditions, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism; and it is questionable whether 'Islam' ever really existed...