Zendaya Reveals How She And Tom Holland Dodged A Speeding Ticket

The pair were rushing so the Spider-Man star could get to his spin class with his girlfriend's mum, apparently.
Zendaya on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live
Zendaya on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Turns out there are some sweet perks to being a crime-fighting superhero.

On Thursday’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Zendaya revealed she and her boyfriend, Tom Holland, were en route to a workout once when they were stopped by police.

“Tom and I were rushing to a spin class, with my mother. I was not going to do the spin class. He was going to do the spin class. Because I don’t do that,” she recalled.

“But we were going fast. We were running late, and they recognised that he was Spider-Man. ... And we were fine! We got a warning, and everything was OK.”

“Well, he’s a crimefighter, of course, there’s a community there,” Jimmy Kimmel quipped.

Zendaya and Tom have been in each others’ lives since they shot Spider-Man: Homecoming together in 2016. They confirmed they were dating in 2021.

The Euphoria star is promoting her new movie, Challengers, a drama about a love triangle among professional tennis stars.

She also spoke to the US talk show host about what it was like watching the steamy flick with her family at the recent premiere.

“It was hilarious,” she said, joking that her 18-year-old nieces were covering their eyes and fake gagging during the raunchy scenes. “It was my favourite part of the night,” Zendaya added.

Tennis great Venus Williams attended the premiere, which Zendaya said was terrifying.

“First of all, I’m fan-girling. I’m already excited, just the fact, the honour that she would take her time to come and see this was so special to me,” she said.

“And then I thought ‘Ohhh, I play tennis in this movie.’ And I really hope that she is not distracted by my tennis abilities.”


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