Jimmy Kimmel

The late-night host said this big push is all about the former president's increasingly desperate financial condition.
The award show paid homage to the movie after Barbie failed to earn Oscar nominations in two key categories.
The late-night host takes a closer look at the conspiracy theories about the strange marks on the former president’s hand.
The late-night host called this proof the former president has "no self-awareness."
"I was just like, smelling his cologne, and I started like, breathing in the same rhythm as him," the Golden Globe winner told Jimmy Kimmel.
The talk show host had the actor reminiscing about a boy named Todd before he surprised her.
The Flight Attendant actor explained why she and her boyfriend were "so angry" with a fellow passenger on a Thanksgiving flight.
The Jimmy Kimmel Live host couldn't help but laugh at the former president's new fundraising move.
The late-night host used the platform to toss fictitious tales at the disgraced congressman.
The Jimmy Kimmel Live host was surprised by the former president's turn of phrase.