Oscars 2024: Jimmy Kimmel Kicks Off Ceremony With Awkward Robert Downey Jr Joke

The Best Supporting Actor winner motioned to Kimmel to move things along during his Oscars monologue.

Let’s be real – presenting the Oscars must be a terrifying gig and no other moment must be more intimidating than performing your opening monologue.

And although Jimmy Kimmel had a lot to say in his opening monologue at the 96th Academy Awards, not every joke was a hit with who it targeted.

The eponymous host of Jimmy Kimmel Live took to the Oscars stage for the fourth time and fired off some jokes about Oppenheimer star Robert Downey Jr’s previous struggles with addiction.

Robert has been sober since 2003, after a tumultuous life with drugs that began at age 6 when he was given drugs by his father.

“Congratulations to [Cillian Murphy’s] costar Robert Downey Jr. This is the highest point of Robert Downey Jr.’s career,” Jimmy began.

“Well, one of the highest points,” he added, referencing Robert’s previous addiction.

In the audience, Downey gestured toward his own nose in reply.

“Was that too on the nose or is that a drug motion you made?” Kimmel added.

Oppenheimer Emily Blunt then reached over Robert’s seat to touch his shoulders in support as the jokes continued.

“I mean, look at this guy. He’s so handsome and talented. He’s won every award there is to win,” he continued. “Is that an acceptance speech in your pocket or do you just have a very rectangular penis?”

RDJ then motioned “wrap it up” and mouthed, “keep it going” back, as the camera continued to awkwardly stay on him.

“Not even 20 years ago things weren’t going that great for Robert,” Kimmel added, before going on to slam Downey’s 2006 family comedy film, “The Shaggy Dog.”

Naturally, social media users on X (formerly Twitter) raced to roast the comedian over his controversial digs.

But in good news for RDJ, he got the last laugh by taking home the award for Best Supporting Actor.


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