'Cleaning Up' Viewers Spot Glaring Plot Holes In New Sheridan Smith Drama

This office was certainly not GDPR compliant.

Sheridan Smith’s latest ITV drama ‘Cleaning Up’ has come under fire from some viewers, after they spotted some serious plot holes.

The series focuses on Sheridan’s character, Sam, a single mum who works as a cleaner in a financial office in London’s Canary Wharf.

Struggling with a gambling addiction, she realises she has access to valuable stock market information and sees a way out of her financial problems.

Sheridan Smith plays Sam in 'Cleaning Up'
Sheridan Smith plays Sam in 'Cleaning Up'

The first episode, which aired on Wednesday night, saw Sam accessing data from the office computers, which were surprisingly easy to get into – something that didn’t sit well with certain viewers.

Many pointed out the computers would not have been left unlocked for security reasons, not to mention GDPR laws that would make it illegal for such data to be so carelessly left lying around.

It was also pointed out that offices like the one Sheridan’s character was working in would be fitted with CCTV to prevent such crimes happening in the first place.

On the whole though, people who could suspend belief seemed to enjoy the first episode.

‘Cleaning Up’ continues next Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.


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