Australian Coffee Shop Responds To Racist In The Best Possible Way

'I refuse to be served by a black person...'

A coffee shop in Australia has become the centre of attention on social media after it stood up to a racist customer.

Staff at Gloria Jean’s Coffees in Cairns, Australia, have been praised for showing zero tolerance to a lady who refused service from barista, Josie Ajak, because of her race.

Ajak, who is from South Sudan, told ABC news online:

“This elderly woman approached the counter in a wheelchair and I greeted her as I would anyone else.

“She just looked at me and said ‘I refuse to be served by a black person can you get me a white lady?”

In response to the customer, the shop’s staff refused her service.

Their action gained applause on Twitter as people tweeted support using the hashtag #buycoffeefromjosie.


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