22/09/2017 14:40 BST | Updated 07/12/2017 10:18 GMT

This Christmas-Themed Colin The Caterpillar Cake Will Make You Feel Festive


Traditional Christmas cake is divisive at the best of times, but now there’s a festive offering set to please everyone’s palate.

Behold Mini Christmas Colins, tiny bite-sized versions of the Marks & Spencer favourite Colin The Caterpillar. 

Marks and Spencer

The mini rolls are presumably the offspring of Colin and Connie The Caterpillar, the fruitier female version of the popular product.

The baby Colins have the same white chocolate face, topped with an adorable little red Santa hat. They are also decorated with holly leaf decorations in red and green. Festive indeed.

Colin The Caterpillar Facts:

  • Colin celebrated his 25th birthday two years ago which would make him 27 this month
  • It takes 88 people to make Colin from start to finish
  • Every year M&S use 8.4 tonnes of sweets to decorate Colin

The Christmas Colins hit the shelves at the end of October and cost just £2, which is cheaper than the full-sized version.

Marks and Spencer

Whatever will they think of next?