Colourblind Brothers See Colour Fully For The First Time

It's mega emotional.

Teenagers Jimmy and Jace have lived their entire lives not being able to see colour in the same way as everyone else.

So when their parents bought home a pair of high-tech glasses to change that, it was emotional, to say the least.

In a video which has had more than 80,000 views on YouTube, the pair can be seen sobbing as they try on the glasses for the first time.

"Our sons Jimmy and Jace are colourblind," the video's caption reads.

"We bought Jim a pair of EnChroma glasses which lets people who are colourblind see colours the same way we do.

"Please watch this special amazing moment! It brought us all to tears!"

According to the EnChroma website, the glasses are "the only specialty eyewear that alleviates red-green colour blindness, enhancing colours without the compromise of colour accuracy".

Judging by the video, we think Jimmy and Jace will fighting to use their new pair.

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