16/01/2017 09:45 GMT

‘Come Dine With Me’ Axed Contestant Was ‘Off His Trolley’ And ‘Pinned Producer Against Wall’ Claim Winners Of Dining Show

'It was really nasty. He was very abusive the whole day.'

Further details about why a ‘Come Dine With Me’ contestant was mysteriously axed in the middle of a show have emerged.

Earlier this month viewers were left asking ‘where’s Rory?’ after one of the show’s four contestants disappeared without any explanation, sparking the hashtag #whereisrory.

Channel 4
Rory Nicoll became the first contestant to be axed from 'Come Dine With Me' in the show's history.

One minute, fans of the Channel 4 dining competition saw Rory Nicoll rowing with one of his fellow competitors about who was the biggest star in Take That (well, we’ve all done it), and the next, he had a red cross through his face and wasn’t mentioned again.

Shortly afterwards, another of his competitors, Jennifer, revealed there had been “a bit of drama”.

Channel 4
Channel 4
Not exactly seeing eye-to-eye: Eventual winner Darren Esposito and Rory Nicoll.

Fellow diner Linsay Duncan added: “He was quite quiet to begin with but after the starter at Jennifer’s house he went away to the toilet. When he came back he was a completely different guy. It was like he had split personalities.

“We’d heard he’d been drinking from 9.30am on the day of his meal. He had kept saying that there wasn’t enough to drink the night before.”

Rory’s father has since spoken out to defend his son’s behaviour, claiming he actually “pulled out” of filming because it “wasn’t about cooking”.

“Rory said it wasn’t for him and wasn’t a cookery programme at all,” Watt Nicoll explained.

“Contestants were expected to talk about each other and he decided he didn’t fancy it.

“He’s dead keen on his cooking and I think that he went into something he thought was a cookery programme and found it wasn’t that important.

“It was recorded months ago but he said, ‘I pulled out because it just wasn’t about the cookery.’ It’s a shame because Rory’s an excellent cook.”

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