Woman Asks Her Guy Mates To Be Bridesmaids And They Rise To The Challenge

'This is what happens to a girl in computer engineering.'

Rebeca Sinohara hasn’t got a close group of female friends, but that didn’t stop her having an awesome time with her bridesmaids ahead of her wedding.

The 24-year-old from Itajubá, Brazil, enlisted five of her closest male friends to take on the roles instead.

The group even posed for girly wedding prep photos, where Sinohara was photographed getting her hair and makeup done while the guys dutifully donned pink robes.

The photos gained more than 50,000 shares after she posted them on Facebook, along with the caption: “When the bride doesn’t have any girlfriends, it’s time to call her bros. This is what happens to a girl in computer engineering.”

Sinohara, a computer engineering student, told BuzzFeed she felt a little sad looking at photos of other women getting ready with their female BFFs on their wedding day.

“In my engineering classroom there were 56 guys and only four girls so it’s not like I had a lot of choice,” she said.

“Of course I have girlfriends from childhood and high school but we are not as close as before and there are some girls that I lived with in shared housing during university, but none of them I became BFFs with.”

But thankfully, when she told her bros how she was feeling they were more than happy to become her bridesmaids.

“They are really great friends and I had no doubt they would do this for me,” she said.

Guys, we think you look fabulous.

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