Conjoined Twins Jadon and Anias McDonald See Each Other For First Time Post-Surgery In Adorable Photo

'It’s only up from here.'

The moment two formerly conjoined twins saw each other following their separation surgery was caught on camera.

Jadon and Anias McDonald, from Chicago, US, were successfully separated in a 16-hour surgery in October 2016.

The pair are still recovering in Montefiore Hospital in New York and their progress is being shared by mum Nicole McDonald on Facebook.

A woman known to the family called Christine Pogliano Grosso, shared a photo of the moment the two boys saw each other and it’s adorable.

Mum McDonald explained on Facebook that Jadon has had a positive recovery, although Anias is having a harder time.

According to CNN, Anias has struggled with breathing and eating, but doctors have said he is now progressing well.

McDonald shared a video of Anias on Tuesday 22 November to show how the 14-month-old was smiling and reacting to her tickling him with her hair.

“It’s only up from here,” she captioned the video. “How appropriate that Thanksgiving is approaching. Never have I been more grateful.”

The mum shared an emotional Facebook post on 14 October when the boys were finally “reunited” after surgery.

“How surreal,” she wrote. “I now realise that I always saw you as separate because seeing you like this is really nothing different to me.

“I love you so much. Now it’s time to step forward into the new chapter of our life. I’m ready to fight and I know you are too.”

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