05/05/2016 16:02 BST

Contouring Grandma Has Broken The Internet

She's not a regular grandma, she's a cool grandma.

Think contouring is just for the likes of young beauty fans like Kim Kardashian? This nursing home resident is about to school you all.

Known as 'contouring grandma', 80-year-old Livia has become an internet sensation after her granddaughter - makeup artist Tea Flego shared before and after snaps of her makeup on Instagram.

In one photo caption, Flego revealed that her grandmother’s love of make-up has now inspired her friends too:

"My GLAM-MA has made new trend in nursing home! A bunch of 80-year-olds want to Contour and Glow," she wrote.

To be honest, we don't blame them.


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