Jeremy Corbyn Has Already Done More Rallies For His Leadership Campaign Than He Did For Remain

Corbyn Has Already Done More Rallies For His Leadership Campaign Than He Did For Remain
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Jeremy Corbyn has already conducted more rallies in his battle for the Labour leadership than he did during the whole of the EU referendum campaign.

Corbyn led just ten rallies during Remain’s six-week campaign, but in the past three weeks has done 15 to support his bid for to be Labour leader.

Corbyn was criticised by Labour MPs for ‘not pulling his weight’ on the Remain side after Labour’s heartlands backed Leave by large margins, even though turnout had been at record highs.

He also faced a backlash over plans to take a week’s holiday in the middle of the EU referendum campaign. He does not intend to take time off before the Labour leadership election.

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Labour MP Mary Creagh said:

“Thousands of Labour activists were out on the doorstep doing their bit for a remain vote. But they were let down by a leader who in just three weeks has done more to save his job than he did during the whole EU referendum campaign. Jeremy’s efforts during the campaign lacked momentum, and he must take his share of the responsibility for the result.”

During the Remain campaign Corbyn’s office was accused of cutting pro-EU lines from his speeches, scheduling his diary to avoid Labour In events and overrulling attempts to work with Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Gordon Brown.

Critics also said the office had delayed key decisions on planning and messaging, making it impossible for Labour’s official In campaign to function smoothly.

At the time a Labour spokesperson dismissed the criticisms, saying that the referendum result showed “Jeremy’s views were in tune with the people”.

When accused of being responsible for the Brexit defeat at a gay pride event, Corbyn said “I did all I could”.

A spokesperson for Corbyn’s leadership campaign said:

‘The EU referendum was a completely different type of campaign. Jeremy did the bulk of the events, but the Labour In campaign had to balance a mixture of visits with different voices in the Labour party.’

’In a leadership campaign, the candidate himself must travel the length and breadth of the country to lay out his argument. That is why Jeremy will be travelling around the UK to make the case for why when he is prime minister, the next Labour government will rebuild and transform Britain so that no one and no community is left behind.’


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