01/06/2017 09:17 BST

‘Coronation Street’ Child Grooming Storyline Twist Sees Another Of Nathan’s Victims Introduced

This week's episodes are airing at the later time of 9pm.

Coronation Street’s child grooming storyline took a dark turn on Wednesday (31 May) night, when another of Nathan Curtis’s victims was introduced.

The character, who is named Lara, looks younger than Bethany Platt, and made her first appearance at a party thrown by Nathan.

Lara was seen with one of Nathan's pals 

At the party, Nathan drugged Bethany - who still believes she is in a normal loving relationship with him - and plans to pimp her out to his friends.

However, she’s not the only person he is currently doing this too and Lara was seen dressing herself after being forced to have sex with one of Nathan’s friends.

When Lara then left the room, Bethany spotted that she was wearing her lost necklace and lashed out at her.

While her age has not been specified, Lara looks significantly younger than Bethany 

It was at this point that Lara pointed out Nathan buys the same necklace for all of the girls.

This week, ‘Corrie’ is airing at the later time of 9pm, which has allowed bosses to push the boundaries of what they are allowed to show and depict slightly further.

By Friday (2 June), the Platt family will have learnt about what Nathan is really doing to Bethany, though her ordeal is far from over as she’ll refuse to see the truth.

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