‘Coronation Street’ Spoiler: New Photos Show Emotional Goodbye Following MAJOR Character’s Death

The scenes will air in two weeks' time.

‘Coronation Street’ bosses have revealed new photos from the coming episodes, in which David Platt will say an emotional farewell to Kylie, following her shock death.

The news that Paula Lane’s character is set to be killed off was revealed on Saturday (2 July).

Now, two new images, showing David in the chapel of rest, have been released.

David will be left stunned and saddened
David will be left stunned and saddened
ITV Pictures

Kylie’s final week of episodes will begin on Monday 11 July, and viewers will see her struggle to cope with the fact Tony Stewart is being blamed for Callum Logan’s death.

In need of a fresh start, she’ll get ready to leave Weatherfield for good, with David, but as the duo make plans, a series of unexpected events will lead to Kylie’s death.

How will he cope as a single dad?
How will he cope as a single dad?
ITV Pictures

The Callum Logan storyline has dominated the soap for months, as the Platts have struggled to cover up their crime.

Sarah, in particular, has been pushed to her limits, and viewers have seen her develop postpartum psychosis, following the birth of the child she conceived with the villainous Callum.

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