‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Jason Grimshaw Leaves The Street For Good… And It’s All Phelan’s Fault

Will this 'Corrie' villain ever get caught out?

Ryan Thomas is set to bow out of ‘Coronation Street’ as Jason Grimshaw later this month, and it’s all because of Phelan, who has pretending to be his best pal.

The villainous character has been helping Jason deal with the fact his dad, who died off-screen earlier this year, has been framed for Callum Logan’s murder.

<strong>Eileen's left saddened by Jason's decision</strong>
Eileen's left saddened by Jason's decision
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Now, Jason will be left at the end of his tether when it seems that one of Callum’s friends has torched his van.

When Gemma fails to reveal who it was, Phelan suggests maybe Jason needs some time away from Weatherfield as the investigation continues and - seemingly kind-heartedly - offers to look after the business while he’s away.

<strong>Phelan has wormed his way into the Grimshaw family</strong>
Phelan has wormed his way into the Grimshaw family
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As Eileen and her family struggle to cope with Jason’s decision, Phelan makes a phone call - to his friend who was responsible for torching the van.

Jason then begins making plans to leave and travel to Thailand for a break, visiting Sarah in hospital first to get her blessing.

<strong>Farewell, Jason! </strong>
Farewell, Jason!
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With her approval, he says an emotional goodbye to Eileen, while Phelan quietly smirks at the success of his plan.

Will he ever caught out?

These ‘Coronation Street’ scenes air from Monday 27 June. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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