‘Coronation Street’: Ofcom Investigating ‘Kunta Kinte’ Scene

The episode received over 450 complaints.

Ofcom have announced that they are investigating a ‘Coronation Street’ scene which aired last month, following complaints from over 450 viewers.

The moment in question saw Eva Price examining her hair in the salon, and stating: “I have more roots than Kunta Kinte. No idea who that is, by the way, just something my mum used to say.”

<strong>'Corrie' viewers also took to Twitter to discuss the episode back in August</strong>
'Corrie' viewers also took to Twitter to discuss the episode back in August

The broadcasting watchdog have now announced their intentions to take a closer look at the episode, telling the Guardian: “We’re investigating whether a comment made by a character in ‘Coronation Street’ was offensive and breached generally accepted standards.”

Kunta Kinte was a character who featured in the novel ‘Roots’ and was based on one of the author’s young ancestors, who was taken from Gambia and sold as a slave in America.

Speaking at the time, a ‘Coronation Street’ spokesperson said: “We apologise if this dialogue has caused offence.”

It may only be Monday, but it’s shaping up to be a tough week for the soap.

Over the weekend they sacked Marc Anwar, who played Sharif Nazir, with immediate effect following a racism scandal.

He tweeted a series of offensive comments on Friday (23 September), and has since posted an apology video on YouTube.

Meanwhile, the soap’s writers will be tasked with tweaking the Christmas 2016 episodes, as Marc’s character was set to be at the centre of one of this year’s festive storylines.

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