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Coronation Street’s Rosie Webster Returns: 10 Things You've Probably Forgotten About Helen Flanagan’s Character

She's ba-ack!

It’s been five years since we last saw ‘Coronation Street’ character Rosie Webster, but as of this week, she’s officially back.

Helen Flanagan has reprised her role as the troublesome Rosie, but while she was definitely an unforgettable character, it’s fair to say that a lot has gone in the years since she left t’cobbles behind, so we think it’s time for some revision.

Rosie grew up on the street, causing plenty of trouble in her teenage years, and providing a number of laughs along the way - but which other characters does she have history with (apart from her family, obviously)? And why did she leave in the first place?

Here’s everything you might have forgotten about Rosie…

1. She left to star in a reality TV show

Let’s start where we left off shall we? Rosie made her exit in 2012, after landing a role in a reality TV show, thanks to numerous modelling jobs.

2. About the modelling jobs...

Rosie found herself in front of the camera a number of times, after deciding on her ideal career path. While we couldn’t possibly comment on whether the storylines were an easy way of getting to dress Helen in skimpy outfits, they did often result in exactly that. Hmm…

3. Rosie also previously considered leaving Weatherfield a number of times


Her romance with Craig Harris resulted in them resolving to run away to Berlin, while on holiday with Rosie’s family in Paris. However, when they got to the train station, she couldn’t go through with it and he boarded the locomotive alone.

Back in 1997, she also ran away when her parents briefly split - but there was nothing to worry about, as they soon found Rosie on Scarborough beach and then when her teenage years kicked in, she snuck off to Birmingham to audition for a girl band.

4. Her goth phase

Long before Rosie was a fake tan and extensions-loving glamour girl, she did what most teenagers do, and went through a phase. We will never tire of looking at these pictures.

5. She was responsible for her sister’s name

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In an early show of defiance, Rosie insisted on calling her new baby sister Sophie, despite the fact her parents had named her Lauren. Of course, Rosie got her way and Kevin and Sally renamed their baby.

6. The John Stape storyline details 


Rosie made light work of seducing her teacher, John, who was not only taken, but also the object of her mother’s affections. The storyline also gave the wardrobe team another chance to put Rosie in the skimpiest clothing possible, but the secret couple were ultimately rumbled at Christmas in 2007.

It also transpired that John was not the innocent man he seemed, and when he later witnessed Rosie kissing someone else, he decided to kidnap her.

7. She has history with Maria Connor

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Back when Rosie was barely out of school, she harboured a crush on Maria’s boyfriend at the time Liam Connor, and began meddling by flirting with him while working at Underworld, and refusing to pass on messages from Maria. Her games eventually came to an end when Liam told Sally what was happening, while Maria had her own harsh words for Rosie.

Maria may be in prison now, but how will they get on if they meet when she’s released? Weatherfield is not a very big place…

8. And Fiz

Yes, as many fans will probably remember, Fiz was going out with John Stape when Rosie was busy seducing him. It was Fiz who then found Rosie when she was kidnapped, discovering that John had locked in the attic of his grandmother’s house and held her there for a month.

9. And Jason Grimshaw


The duo ended up becoming Weatherfield’s hottest couple, and were still together when Rosie left in 2012. Despite the fact he was initially gutted at her decision to leave him behind, they ended things on good terms and he wished her well.

10. This time around she’s going to be nicer

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Helen has admitted that she didn’t always enjoy Rosie’s nastier side, and has promised that we’ll see a more pleasant side to her this time around.

“She’s turned a corner,” she said last week. “Rosie has come back a lot more likeable now which won’t be boring to watch.”

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