‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Sarah Platt Discovers Daughter Bethany’s Diet Pills

Will Bethany come clean? Or attempt to dupe her mum?

Bethany Platt has been continuing to take secretly diet pills in ‘Coronation Street’, but it looks like she may now stop, as her mum Sarah is set to make a shocking discovery.

Sarah will realise what her daughter has been up to after a heart-to-heart, which sees her admit to having a crush on another Weatherfield resident.

<strong>Sarah Platt</strong>
Sarah Platt
ITV Pictures

When Sarah confesses that she’s been enjoying spending time with Gary, Bethan accidentally lets it slip to him.

However, their good moods are shattered when Tina O’Brien’s character makes a shocking discovery, and judging from these snaps it looks like she’s set to find her daughter’s diet pills.

<strong>Bethany's face says it all</strong>
Bethany's face says it all
ITV Pictures

Will Bethany come clean about what’s been going on? Or try to dupe her mum?

The Platt family have got a lot going on at the moment, and in the coming weeks, viewers will also see David Platt ramp up his plan to get revenge following the murder of his wife Kylie.

When he finds out Macca, the brother of the killer, is already in hospital, he sees his chance for revenge - but how far will he go? Watch this space…

These ‘Coronation Street’ scenes air on Monday 10 October. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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