‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Andy Carver To Be Found? Pat Phelan’s Daughter Could Uncover The Truth

Nicola is getting closer to the truth.

Pat Phelan’s secret could be about to come out in ‘Coronation Street’, as his daughter Nicola Rubinstein grows suspicious of his activities.

Earlier this month, viewers discovered that Andy Carver isn’t dead after all and is instead being held captive by the evil Phelan.

Andy Carver
Andy Carver
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Next week, viewers will see Andy grow weaker as his illness continues and when Eileen turns up at the house, he has to scramble to make excuses for why he went on the hunt for antibiotics.

Meanwhile, at the builders’ yard, Nicola spots some photographs of Andy lying around, leaving her dad - yet again - struggling to explain things.

Could she be about to work out what’s really going on?

This isn’t the first time Nicola has spotted that things aren’t quite right as last week, she questioned why Phelan was getting rid of a brand new mattress.

It's now become clear that Pat's black eye was a result of a tussle with Andy
It's now become clear that Pat's black eye was a result of a tussle with Andy
ITV Pictures

Pat then snapped at his daughter, giving her a glimpse of his dangerous side.

The revelation that Andy is not dead left viewers totally stunned, as it had been eight months since we saw Phelan wrapping his limp body in a rug.

The plot had been hinted at multiple times and ‘Corrie’ later revealed a supercut of every single scene that suggested Phelan was up to no good.

Actor Oliver Farnworth also revealed the lengths he went to in order to make sure his return was kept under wraps.

“I felt a bit like a movie star being driven in my own personal car to set every day and come out with sunglasses on and a hood over my head to avoid the paparazzi,” he said. “I thought it was ultimately hilarious and part of the challenge so I accepted that.”

These ‘Coronation Street’ scenes air from Monday 2 September. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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