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‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Eva Price’s Revenge Plan And Baby Drama Revealed By Catherine Tyldesley

We'd hate to be in Aidan Connor's shoes...

‘Coronation Street’ star Catherine Tyldesley has revealed what fans can expect this summer, promising that Eva Price’s revenge plan is a storyline not to be missed.

Catherine’s character will discover the truth about Aidan Connor’s affair with Maria in the next few weeks, but that won’t be the only shock - as Eva will also find out she’s pregnant with his baby.

Ahead of the drama, HuffPost UK stopped off at the ‘Corrie’ set to find out more about what’s in store and let’s just say you won’t be disappointed.

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Here’s what Catherine had to say about the coming months…

The baby bombshell

Obviously, one piece of shock news isn’t enough - this is Soapland after all… - so Eva will be faced with baby news too.

Catherine explained: “Eva finds out she’s pregnant so this makes things 10 times worse because a week previous, if she found out she was pregnant it would have been all she’s ever wanted.

“That was her goal, to meet a Prince Charming, settle down and have a family but now she’s discovered this, it’s even more heartbreaking.”

Eva the Diva will be back

“It’s quite extreme,” she said of Eva’s reaction to the affair news. “It’s great because when I first came into ‘Coronation Street’ she was very much of that ilk really. It’s nice to see her come back to that and see her feisty side.

“She is quite extreme in the way she reacts, I don’t think I would have done those things personally. But for me as an actress, it’s brilliant to play, really juicy stuff.”

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Eva thinks Aidan and Maria are both to blame...

According to Catherine, her character thinks her pal is just as bad as her boyfriend.

“It’s a tough one but I think it’s equal,” she said when asked who Eva blames for everything. 

...But it’s Aidan she’s out to get

“She wants to see him with nothing, that’s how she feels,” Catherine said. “Despite the past trust issues, there was no self-preservation there with Aidan. She thought, ‘this is it, this is my Prince Charming’ and she’d given herself to him completely… and then he’s done this. So she will stop at nothing to make sure he is deeply, deeply hurt. 

“She wants to take him for everything he’s got. She just wants him to really, really hurt.

“When I get the scripts I’m just cringing at it all. It’s wonderful, it’s brilliantly written and it’s very Eva. But it’s, ‘oh wow!’”

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They *could* get back together

We know, we know. WHY? But while it definitely isn’t on the cards anytime soon, Catherine refused to rule out a reunion for the pair.

“You see the pangs and her thinking, ‘I still really love you’,” she teased. “Would she take him back? Possibly.

“I don’t know what they’ve got planned but we’ll see. In terms of anybody else on the street, I don’t think she is in that frame of mind at all. She’s completely done at this moment.”

Catherine has no sympathy for Aidan

Quite frankly, we don’t blame her.

“I think Aidan does love Eva but he loves Maria and he’s wanting his cake and eating it,” she said. “No [sympathy], absolutely not.

“For me personally, you’re either with someone or you’re not. If you want to play the field, fair enough, but if you want to commit, then commit.”

We’re going to see Eva with her sisters more

“Working with Jane [Danson] and having the dynamic of the sisters - as we’ve got Toyah now - is brilliant,” Catherine said. “I love the three sisters dynamic and because of the kinds of scenes we’re doing, Leanne, has the mother hat on.

“She’s the one who’s saying to Eva, ‘you really need to calm down’. It’s nice seeing how different each of the sisters are. Toyah’s constantly rolling her eyes, Toyah and Eva couldn’t be any more different, but they’re starting to establish a really lovely relationship now so that’s been good.”

Adam Barlow’s going to get involved

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Eva will find an anti-Aidan ally in Sam Robertson’s character. Revealing what it was like working with him, Catherine said: “It’s been nice working with Sam because we hadn’t had much together and he’s brilliant.

“He really dislikes Aidan so he says to Eva, ‘if we screw him over together we might get more than you would on your own’. Eva is really reluctant but he’s quite charming and manages to twist her arm.”

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