'Coronation Street' Spoilers: Producer Kate Oates Reveal HUGE Storylines Coming Up This Autumn

You're going to want to tune in for these.

‘Coronation Street’ boss Kate Oates has teased this autumn’s storylines, revealing the characters, families and plot twists to keep an eye on.

At a press event, where the soap’s move to its new six episodes a week schedule was also detailed, the producer revealed there’s plenty of drama ahead, as she spoke to HuffPost UK and other reporters.

Here’s everything to look out for...

1. Nathan Curtis’s trial

While fans are hoping Nathan will face justice for the abuse he subjected Bethany Platt to, the trial will obviously not be an easy one for the teenager.

The big question will be whether Bethany makes it to court, as Kate explained: ”It’s a huge deal for a girl of her age and in her position to face not one but several perpetrators of abuse and all their barristers and we still have the issue of Mel to consider.

“She has had her brain well and truly washed by Nathan. She is keen to make sure that Bethany doesn’t get to court”

2. The fallout from the wedding week

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While we can’t reveal what happens during the two Connor weddings - Aidan and Eva Price, and Johnny and Jenny Bradley - let’s just say there’s plenty of drama in store.

“That will have a major impact on people’s lives and also how popular Eva is,” Kate teased.

3. Will Andy Carver be found?

Last month, viewers discovered that Phelan has been holding him hostage and it seems he could remain there for some time yet.

“We will play that out over autumn,” Kate said. “And will see how he deals with that problem. Will Andy see the light of day or not?”


4. A big storyline for Billy Mayhew

Kate teased that there’s a “dark story” ahead for the vicar, adding that it will “have a big impact on another main family on the street and that will run into Christmas”.

5. A Kate Connor and Rana Nazir romance

The producer revealed that two duo will get together, though their relationship “may take a few interesting turns”.

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