22/04/2017 08:45 BST

‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Who Attacked Ken Barlow? Tracy Might Be In The Clear

We're *slightly* closer to finding out the truth.

It looks like we may be getting closer to solving the ‘Who attacked Ken Barlow?’ mystery in ‘Coronation Street’, as Friday (21 April) night’s episode appeared to rule Tracy Barlow out as a suspect.

Until now, her shaky alibi has suggested she could be responsible for her dad’s accident, however, we now know that she was with Rob Donovan on the night Ken was pushed.  

Tracy has been secretly helping her ex

Rob is currently on the run after escaping from prison, and Tracy confronted her ex, blaming him for her recent split from Luke - and her lack of an alibi.

“Do you know, I’ve had to lie for three weeks?” she said. “Luke’s not stupid, you know. He knows something’s going on.

“And now I might not even have an alibi for the night that dad was attacked, so great.”

There’s no shortage of possible culprits though and Tracy’s daughter Amy was recently added to the official list.

The rest of the Barlow family are also under scrutiny, alongside Daniel Osbourne’s girlfriend Sinead Tinker.

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