‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Kylie Platt Revealed As Callum Killer’s, When Tensions Rise At Her Funeral

But will Todd keep schtum?

The truth about who killed Callum Logan is set to be revealed in ‘Coronation Street’, after a confrontation at Kylie Platt’s funeral.

Tensions are running high in the run-up to the emotional day, and a series of events lead Todd Grimshaw to the truth about Callum’s murder.

<strong>Max reads a moving eulogy </strong>
Max reads a moving eulogy
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It all begins when Todd tells Sarah he knows she killed Callum, explaining that he lied about Tony to cover up for her.

He’s then left fuming when he learns that Sarah wasn’t the killer, and wrongly decides David must be guilty.

<strong>Todd gets closer to the truth...</strong>
Todd gets closer to the truth...
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When tensions rise at the funeral, David kicks away a wreath from Kylie’s friends at the Dog & Gun, which leads to a nasty confrontation between him and Todd.

Todd then refuses to drop it, and during another heated exchange, Sarah cracks and reveals that Kylie killed Callum.

<strong>...And Sarah then tells him everything </strong>
...And Sarah then tells him everything
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The Platts are then left begging Todd not to go to the police, for the sake of the kids, Max and Lily. But will his conscience get the better of him?

Last week, it was revealed that there’s plenty of drama in store for the Platts, as David vows to get revenge for Kylie’s death.

<strong>David is struggling to cope </strong>
David is struggling to cope
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There’s also trouble ahead for Steve McDonald, who has to deal with the fact Leanne Battersby is having his baby, while Aidan Connor is set to find himself at the centre of a love triangle.

These ‘Coronation Street’ scenes air from Monday 1 August. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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